About Auto Fitness

Auto Fitness is a Los Angeles car dealership that focuses on high quality used cars and excellent service. Our used cars are meticulously maintained and privately owned. We keep our prices low so you never have to worry about haggling with salesmen. At Auto Fitness, we strive to make car buying the experience it should be - worry free and exciting.

Watch Ebay for our exceptional deals, we have cars listed under the Ebay names Classbenz and Classtradinz:

Classbenz is our eBay name where we sell many new and used cars. Many of the vehicles in our showroom are on the auction block.
Classtradinz is our other eBay name where you can find some of our hottest deals. All cars posted under the Classtradinz name are trade-in vehicles under $10,000. Auto Fitness performs a complete service check on all trade-ins.

*We normally begin and end all our auctions on Sundays; however, all cars are subject to sale prior to the auction's end. Be sure to bid fast.

Our car financing options include Capital One Auto Finance, America's largest online vehicle lender. You can apply online for a prompt response, and if approved, a no-obligation Blank Check.

Once you've purchased your dream car, you should consider an extended warranty for extra protection. We offer a variety of options, and we'll be happy to find the one that is right for you.
We could consider a trade-in, provided it is clean & reasonably priced!
If you are a California resident, or someone who plans to pick up your car in California, you will be charged a sales tax & licensing fees.